Bouteville, jewel of Grande Champagne

Cognac Premier Cru

Bouteville is located in Grande Champagne, the first cru of cognac. The first meaning of the word “champagne” refers to limestone soil. Our terroir of Bouteville is made up of clay-limestone soils that produce cognacs with fine, elegant and delicate aromatic notes; their bouquet blends flowers and stone fruits. Grande Champagne offers an exceptional length in mouth.

Hillside and sunshine

Geology is one of Bouteville’s strengths. Its Cretaceous limestone soil, layered between the Campanian and Santonian periods, offers a wide variety of landforms ; our village draws on a variety of inclinations and orientations to create landscapes of great beauty, conducive to the ripeness and flavour of our grapes. What’s more, the warm light that bathes the valleys of Grande Champagne gives it an air of Tuscany and gilds the grapes full of flavour.

Water, cognac’s ally

At Bouteville, in addition to cognac, a second liquid is essential: water. Take a stroll through the village and you’ll discover just how important this element is. Its presence attracted the monks who founded the abbey. Today, It is revealed in the streams and wash-houses fed by a multitude of springs. One of these is particularly dear to us : It flows through our cellars and enhances our cognacs, giving them mellowness and roundness. At the entrance to one of our cellars, as you pass a row of barrels, it’s not uncommon to come across salamanders watching over our precious eaux de vie. A royal emblem dear to the heart of King François 1st, a native of Cognac, their presence in our cellars is a symbolic link between the history of France and our historical and family heritage.