A family history since the XVIIth century

The origins

From Pierre Giraud in 1635 to Paul Giraud today, eleven generations – including 7 with the first name Paul – have succeeded one another at Bouteville. These almost four centuries have nurtured a strong attachment to our village and its life: from Jacques’ position as Royal Sergeant in 1726 to Paul-Marcel’s role as Mayor during the 1930s. Over those years, each generation worked the vines and produced cognacs sold to merchants in Jarnac and Cognac.

Cognac craftsmen

In 1975, Paul and his son Paul-Jean decided to embark on the adventure of independent marketing. Their aim was to make it possible to taste, without blending, the old and rare cognacs with the subtle and characteristic Grande Champagne aromas that form the treasures of the family’s cellars.

Distributed in 35 countries

The estate now covers 50 hectares, all planted with ugni-blanc grapes. Assisted by a team that also spans several generations, Paul-Jean and Paul work to perpetuate their ancestral know-how. Paul Giraud cognacs are sold in over thirty-five countries around the world, exclusively through selective distribution.